Sometimes we build walls…

…not to keep people out but to create a place for our refrigerator. 

& that’s what we’ve done today folks (err, what my dad did yesterday, actually)
1 house – 2 walls + 1 wall = a more cohesive and welcoming atmosphere.

Here’s what we came home to yesterday after work:


We immediately swung things around.

There you have it! Our less than perfect dingy kitchen is experiencing its first taste of tough love. Now our fridge just needs to bite the dust so we can justify buying something like this little beauty (notice the big emphasis on the LIKE, as in similar, as in we’re not dropping 3k on a fridge.) Our plan is to have a built-in for our new fridge and extend the counter on the length of that wall so we will actually have prep space surrounding our stove top.

Ohh, progress. Check out this before & after progress:

I noticed the other day that I’ve started talking to our house, I think that’s a good sign. 



the washer & dryer’s new home

Here’s the washer & dryer in the basement. So far, so good. My dad and JC installed a light on the stairs for us that we can flip on when we’re doing laundry. I LOVE it, it illuminates the entire basin of the washer, I can see it better than I ever could have when it was in our kitchen. It’s the little things <33
Do you like the space man look it has? JC and I did the dryer vent ourselves, we stretched it out a little further than necessary. We’ll eventually cut out the excess and put in a connector. I’m not gonna lie, I kinda like it the way it is now. It’s got funk.

how we got the best couch EVER

Story goes: I’ve been looking at this sweet deal of a couch online at biglots for about 2 years now. We’ve been planning on buying it ever since my bridal shower. BUT we were waiting to buy it until we finished the floors, painted the living room, tore out the walls, yada, yada, yada…

I was over at my friend’s house the other day and she had just bought “new” furniture for her house on Craigslist. SO, I thought I’d give it a go and see what people had to offer. Lo and behold, the second post on the page was MY couch, and not just my coach but the matching chair and ottoman too.

I know what you’re thinking, “oh sweet, she found the same couch on Craigslist but it’s probably old, stinky, and has pet dander all over it.” WRONG it was only 3 months old and the guy was getting rid of it because he “got it in his head he wanted leather” and he wasn’t going to be happy until he got it. What can I say? Let the man have leather! Which just happened to land us with an AH-mazing deal. 

Ready for the best part? He sold all 3 pieces for a jaw dropping $150!


It’s microfiber which means I can’t stop touching it (see the post-stroke hand print?)… & just look at those adorable wooden legs and those sweet tulip arms. Cute as a button.

the day the walls came down

Demolition day has come and gone in the Miller house. With help from my dad, we are now the proud owners of a home with 2 less walls. We’ve been planning on tearing these walls down since we first moved in almost 2 years ago for JC, 3 years ago for me (I live here with my bestie for a bit before J and I tied the knot).
Grammie’s old house is taking a new shape and we’re loving it! She’s excited for us too and even made a point to say “Grandpa would be so happy that you’re making our house your home”, that made me smile. I love the fact that my husband are starting our new lives together in the very same place that my grandparents started theirs over 65 years ago. The house is full of love and memories. Ahh, nostalgia.
But enough of the gooey stuff let’s get down and dirty.

Here’s wall #1, connecting the living room to the dining room:

This angle is from standing in what used to be the living room, it’s a long narrow room with awkwardly placed furniture. This wall was where my grandfather’s piano used to sit.

Same wall, different angle. I’m standing in the little “hallway” that connects the bathroom, kitchen, and former-bedroom-transformed-into-living-room.

The washer and dryer have been moved, along with the table in preparation for demolition. Typically the table is directly under the light fixture and the washer and dryer are both pushed up against the wall. 
Like it is here:

Ripping and tearing…
Putting my pink hammer to good use!

Here’s what it looks like NOW after the walls were removed on January 7, 2012:
The difference is amazing – I can BREATH!

Wall #2, connecting the former living room and the former-bedroom-transformed-into-living-room:

Originally, we wanted to rip the wall out all the way up the stairs but decided not to since that wall holds up our second floor and we didn’t want to pull out too many 2by’s and create a disaster.

Here’s wall #2 from the other side, my grandparents old bedroom. It’s the only room in the house that has full length walls and is square. The wallpaper is where the wall is coming down… the less wallpaper we have to strip the better, plus it gives you a nice visual. Isn’t that dirty rose wallpaper beautiful? And how about that dingy yellow paint we discovered underneath it all? I actually like the dingy yellow better…

Here’s my husband shoving the wall out onto the shabby pink carpet.

Look at that sweet, sweet hole in the wall. There’s my dad! He supervised the situation to make sure we didn’t mess anything up beyond repair. JC enjoyed the demolition as much as I did. We would rip out a piece of drywall then randomly smirk at each other.

See the demolition dust? We’re no experts but I did manage to throw blankets over our new furniture, see the pile through the doorway?  Realistically we should have taped up and thrown down plastic but since we are replacing the floors in the near future, we decided just to wipe down and shop vac everything when we were finished.

Anyway, it’s a start…
I can’t believe how much fun we had on demo day. We really enjoyed working with my dad and it was nice to have someone doing the work who we could pepper with questions and act weird around. For instance me skipping through newly opened doorways and squealing “I couldn’t do this before!”

We’ve had fun showing it off and even had people comment that they can see the difference from the road (we really should get curtains…)

Next on the agenda (in order):
1. Move the washer/dryer to the basement  DONE!
2. Trim up the newly opened areas
3. Figure out exact measurements for the kitchen peninsula/new cabinets
4. Paint, paint, paint. Every room in the house needs a fresh coat of paint.
5. Install baseboards/propane heat
6. Install new flooring throughout the first floor

#5 and #6 will happen this spring/summer when we won’t be depending on our heating system but we have plenty to keep us busy in the mean time.


first things first

This is my first blog (& first post ha)
Today is the first day of 2012 (this blog is a resolution, go figure)
We just bought our first house (eeeeek!!)

So, here we go! My husband and I are revamping my grandmother’s old house that we just bought. It’s sentimental to me because I spent a lot of time here growing up. Sentimental isn’t always pretty… the house came complete with floral wallpaper, emerald green carpet, and a lot of stuff that wasn’t ours. Typically, when you buy a house – it’s empty. In our case we bought a house that was full of other people’s stuff. Everyone who had stuff there “didn’t have much” but it all added up and piled up into a claustrophobic and maddening mess… I’m exaggerating a bit but when you live amongst someone else’s crap stuff, it tends to feel claustrophobic.

The past few months have been about getting everyone’s stuff the h-e-double-hockey-sticks out. After several deliveries to doorsteps and driveways we finally returned everything to the rightful owners, and they were less than thrilled. The deliveries were my idea since my husband’s approach was “come get your junk or I’ll burn it” and that doesn’t do much for family ties.

This blog is to track our progress is we revamp our way from room to room, tearing down walls and ripping up carpet!