Unwanted Half Hole

Remember back in February when JC patched up the hole in our living room wall? And how awesome it came out? (See this post to refresh your memory.)

While the living room side of the wall was looking smooth and blended, the bathroom side of the wall looked like this:
The view from the pot wasn’t a pretty one. A bathroom should be a place of peace and serenity, not a construction zone.
I’ll admit though, I made the best of the situation. Sometimes I would hang my bathrobe or towels on the little nails that stuck out of the wall.

As resourceful as that may be, it was time for the nails and the hole to leave… or hide. Whatever. But since this project was all JC’s (my drywall skills end at tapping and puttying) we just let it sit until he felt the motivation to fix it – which was Monday night after work.

We’re one step closer to peace and serenity in the bathroom:

Next steps are:
Replace the dingy light switch and outlet’s with white ones
Replace the back splash
Swap out the sink
Remove the medicine cabinet and replace it with a mirror


List, List, List.

After seeing YHL’s Listy McListerson post last Friday, it inspired me to make a list of our own; J & K style. Here’s a brainstorming list of things that I just pulled off the top of my head in no particular order.

To Do Indoor:
Paint the kitchen cabinets for quick fix then replace within a few years
Replace all of the flooring on the first floor (in May!)
Fix/finish the spare bedroom; floors, paint, add trim.
Add miscellaneous trim to different area’s of the house
Turn the entry way into a functional space with a pantry and storage
Tear down upper cabinets on outer kitchen wall to create a “message center” with wall hanging storage and a wipe board/cork board
Paint the basement walls and floors
Move the boiler into the basement
Install baseboards
Build a work area in the basement
Fix/finish the bathroom hole in the wall
Paint the bathroom in a color that doesn’t make the off-white shower look dingy :/

Long Term Indoor:
Build on a master bedroom/bathroom
Turn the basement into a mini apartment

To Do Outdoor:
Stack the wood on the bank and in the basement
Cut down the weird sparse trees
Figure out how/what to plant that will make the front yard look welcoming
Rip up the moss that has taken over our bank by the driveway
Plant something that will creep like crazy and choke out the weeds on our bank by the road

Long Term Outdoor:
Pave the driveway
Build a deck
Install solar panels

Furnishings to save up for:
Area rugs; Lounge, Living Room, Dining Room, Office, Bedrooms, Kitchen
Club Chairs
A HUGE Coffee Table
Pedestal side table between the lounge chairs
Wall mounted lamps on either side of the window in the lounge
A new mattress… we desperately need a new mattress

My Birthday Wish: The World

This past weekend while visiting my sister in Connecticut, my mom, Sarah, and I went to Goodwill (but of course). Let me just say, I’m used to the Goodwill’s in Maine where the sweaters are pilly and the whole store smells like an armpit. Maybe it’s not quite an armpit smell but can anyone else pin point that scent that only happens when hundreds of peoples stuff comes together into a poorly ventilated building?

It’s the smell of a good deal.

Good deals is not what I smelled when I walked into the fancy shmancy Goodwill in CT, but that didn’t stop me from making my usual rounds. First I checked out the high-priced jeans and then… housewares.

This is where I found my birthday present:
A map of the world as seen in 1871. Sorry about the flash glare, it has a matted-gloss finish.

Seriously, how COOL is this map? It has the vessel routes from different ports and the wind channels. The guy who saw me buy it said “I’m in the coast guard so I’ve seen a lot of maps, and you’ve got a really cool one there”. His comment made me beam.


Anyone ever heard of Spitzbergen?

Her Frame’s Got Curves

Oooo la la, you heard me (:IMG_1280

I found this little gem hurled into a pile of dusty poster frames at goodwill, I think it used to hold a mirror. I gave it a new home without promising any less dust, at least for the time being while it’s stored until I decorate. There’s a back but it wasn’t worth showing, just imagine it all beat up and faded.

I have a couple of ideas for the original backing, since it’s custom cut I want to use it but it definitely needs to be spiffed up. I’ll either spray paint it a bold color like turquoise, sunshine yellow, grape, or coral; or I’ll pin a patterned fabric to it. As for the content of the frame, it doesn’t have a protective glass so I’ll either put an 8×10 decorative print in it or I’ll glue cork to the backing and turn it into a message board.
As for the wood itself, I thought of painting it but it’s in such good condition, why fix what isn’t broken? It’ll be embraced for it’s pretty little self: au naturale.


They just don’t make them like that anymore.

Just A Trim, Please.

We’ve been living months with untrimmed doorways – oh gasp, the horror! This drove JC nuts. I, on the other hand, remained unphased and I owe it all to my upbringing. I grew up in a house where we were allowed to draw on the bare sheet rock walls because “it will get wallpapered over, someday“. That someday never actually came and it wasn’t until years later when my dad sold the house that the new owners covered up the Annis children’s graffiti. We weren’t unruly children, just imaginative and free spirited.


Did my imagination carry over into the art of installing trim boards? No. You would think that since neither JC or I have any experience with trimming, we would have taken a whack at it ourselves, cause that’s just how we roll. But since my Pops is the carpenter guru and go-to, we decided to let the expert handle things and forgo buying more trim pieces to replace the ones that we would have undoubtably ruined.

(insert British accent here, it helps if you say it out loud)
Here we are – trimmy, trim, trim. IMG_1237
…now it just needs a spot of paint and it will be brilliant.

Does anyone else actually think in accents? Maybe I’m just a weirdy (:

Check out that last skrid of rose wallpaper up at the top ^ I feel better knowing that it’s hanging out under our door frame. If I ever miss it, I could always take down the trim board for a peek. Ok, so I probably won’t do that, but I could if I wanted to and that’s the point.