Covering A Multitude of Sins

We’ve been debating for a while on what we should do about our dining room walls. Removing the wallpaper proved to be very destructive. The glue from the wallpaper clung to the old drywall and ripped it down to the chalky stuff in some places. By the time we finished tearing it all off, the walls were left gouged and bumpy. What a mess.


We contemplated multiple solutions… from wainescoting to completely replacing the drywall. After a lot of research and mild arguments, we settled on paintable wallpaper. It was the fastest most affordable fix and didn’t require any demo. We also don’t mind the existing bead board so we figured we should stick with what works for us.

On my search for the right textured wallpaper, I came across a comment from a happy customer in the review section “this stuff covers a multitude of sins”. I burst out a happy little giggle and ordered 2 rolls – covering a multitude of sins is exactly what our walls needed.

As soon as it came, I had it slapped up on the walls in less than an hour.

Much better! I didn’t even mind the white so it stayed like that for a few weeks. Anything is better than ripped drywall and aqua lead based paint.


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