Magenta Madness

It was high time for that pink rug to hit the road. It was extremely outdated and way past its prime, if it ever had a prime…? I know one thing, without the rose wallpaper, the carpet just looked lonely and out-of-place.

We were pretty pumped to tear it up so we set the date: Big Trash Day. This would be our first experience with big trash day in our town and we had plenty to contribute, namely one pink carpet:

What we discovered under the carpet and foam padding was an unfinished wood floor in perfected condition. It was preserved by the carpet all these years, just waiting to be unveiled, sanded, and stained. And that’s exactly what we did.

First, we sanded it down and removed all the staples that held the foam into place.


Then the both of us stained it together. This was my first time staining, I was surprised at how “a little goes a long way”. The total cost of this project was $7.00.




Not bad considering this is where we were just months before:

It’s fun making our house pretty. I’ll be back with pictures of our newly installed wood floors. Mmmm.



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