Ain’t No Sunshine

Pause for a little serenade from Bill Withers…

Just as the song says, there ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone. “She” in this situation would be my aunt because she is the one responsible for the very large, very literal sunshine painted on her old bedroom wall.

Auntie has gone to stay, and now, so has the sunshine.


Along with the ginormous sunshine, there’s was teeny-weeny horse – see him? My Aunt is quite the artist.


I found this paint color in our basement when I was poking around the other day. It was a color my dad had acquired from one of the many blue light special deals he finds. It’s BM’s Cedar Key. It’s a soft tan/gray… and I’m in love with it.
I’m trying not to paint every room in our house straight up gray and I wanted this room to be a little softer/cozier but still go with the rest of the house. (It looks more gray in the picture than it does in real life.)
So, it was pretty much the color I had picked out for this room in my head. What an awesome coincidence to find it in my basement from forever ago…? Once again, thanks dad. You’re the best.


I’m completely getting ahead of myself with this post btw… the stain isn’t even dry yet. We still need to do touch ups and poly it but I couldn’t wait to slap some pictures up here.




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