Her Frame’s Got Curves

Oooo la la, you heard me (:IMG_1280

I found this little gem hurled into a pile of dusty poster frames at goodwill, I think it used to hold a mirror. I gave it a new home without promising any less dust, at least for the time being while it’s stored until I decorate. There’s a back but it wasn’t worth showing, just imagine it all beat up and faded.

I have a couple of ideas for the original backing, since it’s custom cut I want to use it but it definitely needs to be spiffed up. I’ll either spray paint it a bold color like turquoise, sunshine yellow, grape, or coral; or I’ll pin a patterned fabric to it. As for the content of the frame, it doesn’t have a protective glass so I’ll either put an 8×10 decorative print in it or I’ll glue cork to the backing and turn it into a message board.
As for the wood itself, I thought of painting it but it’s in such good condition, why fix what isn’t broken? It’ll be embraced for it’s pretty little self: au naturale.


They just don’t make them like that anymore.


Thrifty Finds

Things have been a bit on the quiet side at Miller household these days. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • The doorways in the living room finally have trim pieces
  • We have a classy new wood boiler! (full post on that later)
  • Our basement is completely cleaned out
  • Our spare bedroom has been re-organized to make room for stuff from the basement

I’ve been holding myself back from decorating because I hate the idea of hanging art/photo’s in a room that isn’t completely finished. Maybe after we get our new floors in, the rooms will feel worthy of decoration. Until then, I’ve been stocking up on some “must have’s” and impulse buys/bargains.
Here’s what I found this weekend:
I found these little cuties on Saturday at Bella Books in downtown Belfast.
I fell in love immediately but I’ve bought several decorative bird lately so I made myself walk around a bit before I committed to them. I told my friends “if they are here when I get back, it’s meant to be”. A few hours and $12 later they were mine.

Today, I dropped into Goodwill to make a donation and check out the household “junk” section. There are always treasures to be found. I immediately spotted a white ceramic duck and muttered “walk away, Kaylene, just walk away…” white ceramic is a weakness of mine and ducks, well… you know how it is. It didn’t take much convincing after my bird fix from Saturday. I was doubtful that I would find something better than a white ceramic duck until I spotted my new lamp:
And it actually works, I’m beyond thrilled!
Isn’t it the cutest? Still a little dusty but she’ll clean up nicely. My Grammie used to have a lamp in her living room that reminds me of this; it was white and the same texture. I don’t know what ever happened to it but I loved playing with it when I was little. Ah, memories.

Anyone find any Goodwill deals lately?